Introduction: Simple Savoury Pizza Base Sauce

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A basic sauce with a little extra flavour for your home-made pizzas.

Step 1: Ingredients

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You only need three basic ingredients.

1: Plain Tomato Paste
2: American Mustard
3: Barbecue Sauce

Step 2: Mixing the Sauce

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Get a small bowl (or coffe mug, plastic cup - whatever's conventient).

For every tablespoon of tomato paste, add one teaspoon of American Mustard and one teaspoon of Barbecue sauce. For a single pizza you'll likely need no more than three tablespoons of tomato paste and three teaspoons each of mustard and barbecue sauce.

Mix well with a tablespoon.

Slather onto your pizza as desired!

It's a very simple sauce, but it adds a little zing that makes it stand out against most plain tomato-paste based pizzas.


krowii (author)2009-10-04

Tried it... it was....interesting... ;;

jpplayball (author)2009-10-03


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