Picture of Simple shoe + hat rack, made from old skateboards.
For this (my first) entry i am going to give you a step by step instructable of how to make a shoe rack from old skateboards only using a saw and a soft hammer (no nails or glue needed).

After being a skateboarder for about 11 years i have build up quite a stack of old skateboards (of wich some are broken some are still in one part). It got me thinking what else could i do with these old skateboards?
It then came to me, because of skateboarding i also have several pairs of shoes and quite some hats, so i decided to make a simple rack wich i could use to store my shoes and hats using 6 whole and one (2 pieces) broken skateboard.

I do not have all steps photographed because i did this five years ago in a couple of minutes in impulse. :P

Parts list:

A pen or marker
Soft hammer
2 or more long screws or thin metal rods (to keep the skateboards alligned when making the cuts).

Step 1: Alligning the boards

Picture of Alligning the boards
The easiest way to get things to fit is cutting 3 boards at the same time, when doing this you can allign the boards by putting a long screw or metal rod through one (or two)  of the four holes on each side of the skateboard, do this on both sides. This way the skateboards will stay together when making the cuts.

Do this with the 6 whole skateboards in 2 stacks of 3 boards per stack.
McClay142 years ago
looks like you know how to boardslide!
McClay142 years ago
thats a lot of skateboards