Introduction: Simple Sleeve Sewing Adjustment- Made at TechShop Chandler!

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This is a simple way to modify sleeves of t-shirts that are too long, or to add some visual interest in, without the permanence of hemming. I made this at TechShop Chandler with a few basic sewing supplies!

Step 1:

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Sleeve at original length. 

Step 2:

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Use the top seam of the body of the shirt to find where you will sew the sleeve up. 

Step 3:

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I rolled the sleeve three times over itself at the top. I pinned it here to thread my needle. 

Step 4:

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Next is the simple part- loop stitch through the folded part of the sleeve to connect it to make a shorter length. 

Step 5:

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The sleeve now is more of a cap sleeve then short sleeve. And by only sewing it at the top allows the fabric to drape rather than bunch up underneath the arm. Super easy fix for those boxy t shirts! 

Step 6:

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All set! Repeat on both sides! 


This is really cute and it's easier than I thought it would be :)

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