Simple Soil Substitute for Germinating Seeds





Introduction: Simple Soil Substitute for Germinating Seeds

some of you may think that newspaper ink is poisonous so instead of it you can use pages from used notebooks or notepads or tissues

Create a simple soil substitute which can be used for germinating seeds.
It is almost for free and you just require-

Hey All plz vote as i have entered in a contest.........

Old newspapers
Some cotton
Microwave safe dish


Step 1: Step 1

Cut long strips of newspaper.
Then cut these strips into very small pieces and add them to the container.
You can also add small bits of cotton to the mixture.

Step 2: Step 2

Fill the container with little water.
Add water till it covers the paper strips.

Step 3: Step 3

Keep the container in microwave.
Set the microwave on HIGH for 2 minutes.
After heating, drain the water and wash the pulp like thing with cold water.

Step 4: Final Step

Finally put the pulp in a small pot.
keep the seeds in this pulp and keep them in warm and dark place.
Add water regularly till they germinate.
After they germinate pot them in a bigger pot.



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    Quite interesting idea, but... as long as I remember the newspaper ink is loaded with lead, and other poisonous chemicals. Thankfully there is still more soil on the Earth than old newspapers ;D

    Newspapers no longer use petroleum based inks, the conversion began back in the 1970's. Now inks are soy based...

    Not true anymore. The printing industry has been caught by the EPA and has switched entirely to soy for ink.

    please vote as i have entered in a contest

    Paper is extensively used in labs for the superior germination results compared to regular soil. I thought all that was rocket science, but thanks to you I have found a way to do it home. Thanks a lot tejjammy

    hey this Instructable is about saving the earth so if you recycle paper its saving the earth isn't it?

    There is million other ways to recycle old newspapers already widely practicing all over the World, - you don't need to poison yourself in the name of "saving the Earth"

    I found that if you soak the newspaper in water for a day or two and then drain that water, it will loose much of the ink. This is what I do before feeding it to the earthworms and I think it will help rid of any worry about the ink.

    can you please tell how to recycle it without "poisoning" yourself.............