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Some time ago, I ordered 100 test tubes for experimentation.
Test tube racks are really easy to make and I didn't want to pay for one!

This one was completely made out of leftover material and therefore free!

Step 1: Cut, drill, glue

Picture of Cut, drill, glue
Side part.jpg
For this rack, you will need these tools:

- Power drill with a 20mm wood drill (optional: 35mm wood drill)
- Jigsaw, small table saw, band saw (whatever suits you)
- wood glue

CUT My rack has four wooden parts:

- two horizontal parts; each 20cm by 11 cm, with a notch either side for the side parts
- two side parts; each 8 cm by 7 cm (simpler version: 8 cm by 8 cm, duh)


- the top part gets 16 holes, the one at the bottom too, but only 3 mm deep (check last picture)
- NOTE: when drilling, clamp the two parts together, so that the top holes cover the ones at the bottom!


- the 7 cm of the side part will be the height of the rack, the 8 cm will be glued in the notches.

Step 2: Done!

Picture of Done!
Reagenzglas gestell modell.jpg
You made it, yeah!

Tip: The big holes at the two sides make the rack nice to carry!

Thanks for reading my instructable!

Computer drawings were made with Google SketchUp 8.0
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