Introduction: Simple to Make... Rustic Wooden Star Christmas Tree Decorations

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My son needed something making that his class could sell at the school Christmas Fete so I rooted around the garage for something I could make some simple decorations out of and came up with these relatively rough = "Rustic" wooden stars.

All in all the materials cost 20p for the ribbon (Purchased in the sale after xmas 2016)

So I glittered up a couple as examples to the kids in his class and they will now be creative to finish the rest.

Tools needed:




star cookie cutter or a steady hand



paint roller/brush

Materials (Had everything laying around even the ribbon but it had the price on it so could add the cost)


wood (Mine was 8cm x1.5cm x 1 mtr)

metal U shapes (Usually for fencing)

paint (I used red)

glitter/glitter glue or glitter paint.

Step 1: Mark Out the Wood

Picture of Mark Out the Wood

place the wood in the vice and place the star dough cutter on top , making a note of the easiest way the jigsaw will be able to cut all points.

Mark the wood by drawing around the cutter.

Step 2: Cut Out the Shape

Picture of Cut Out the Shape

Using the jigsaw , cut out the shape...

Step 3: Sand Smooth the Shape

Picture of Sand Smooth the Shape

With the shape in the vice sand smooth all edges. No need to go crazy as they are rustic after all :) and to be fair the wood I was using was not in perfect shape so I wasn't going to spend hours making the finish perfect.

Step 4: Paint the Stars!

Picture of Paint the Stars!

I used some emulsion I had left over from painting the house so using a roller I pained each edge in one coat of this paint and left to dry.

Step 5: Add the Pin and the Ribbon

Picture of Add the Pin and the Ribbon

Once dry I hammered in the U shape into the centre between two points and then added ribbon, tied into a loop, knotted and cut off the ribbon so the same length on either side.

Step 6: Cover in Glitter to Your Own Style

Picture of Cover in Glitter to Your Own Style

All thats left to do is cover in glitter or pain in your style. I did the first two and the rest will be done by a class of 10 year olds :)


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