Simple Tracker for Programs Using Internet




Introduction: Simple Tracker for Programs Using Internet

Hello instructables community, I have yet another .bat program to show y'all. This program is actually two programs but they will open at the same time, anyway this will allow you to see what processes are connected to the internet by its pid (process identification), then you can search that pid in the other window from a list of all the processes currently running. This is a fast way to spot suspicious programs or if you just want to see whats all using your internet at the current time. hope y'all enjoy!!! (yay yet another program i dont have to put any warnings for)!!!

Step 1: Short and Simple Code 1

@echo off

color 0c



netstat -anofp tcp

ping localhost -n 10 >nul

goto top

Step 2: Short and Simple Code 2

@echo off

color 0c

start net1.bat



tasklist /svc

ping localhost -n 30 >nul

goto top

Step 3: Finished

If the process says established that means its connected but if it says listening that means the process is idle.

Hope you like the program, and if see any way to improve it go ahead just make sure to put it in the comments for everyone else.



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