This is very simple trick with matches and you can learn it!
<p>Don't see anything, did you remove it?</p>
Hey bt how do u remove d 2nd half of the match box out of th 1st 1 huh?
i guess you just have to watch it twice to catch on... i didnt get how that worked either, then i watched his bottom index finger the second go around... then i got it. duh<br>
&nbsp;how does that help? o wait nvm
This is actually really cool, I've never seen this before, and I've never seen green match heads either.
Waterproof matches have green heads I think.
ye dey do
not all of them i have red fireproof ones
you have red FIREproof matches???!!!??? how? i have red WATER proof matches
sorry typo
mee too.
no offence but this is ummm....what u call it???
My apology...seems that last night someone crossed my brain with one of my chickens. I spoke too soon. This morning i get the trick...and it is good. Thanks for your patience.
lol nice optical illusion 4 ur dp
oh i get it. first, you push it up from under, revealing the matches. the second time, you use your fingers to grasp the top half and pull it up a little, without the bottom half with the matches coming up. good ible
miiiind freeeak!
I dont get it actually
how does this work??
Nothing...try again Genius.

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