Simple Wardrobe Using Locker Handles (IKEA Hack)




Introduction: Simple Wardrobe Using Locker Handles (IKEA Hack)

Recently my girlfriend and I were shopping Ikea, looking for a simple but nice wardrobe for her new appartment. Nothing really caught our attention. As I am following Ikea Hacker for quite a while now, I suggested to go find something to start our own hack. Turned out to be quite simple...

Step 1: Parts

We both liked the Lansa handle, and I was quite sure this would be fairly easy. My girlfriend still had a leftover shelf from another drawer she did not need any more. From our kitchen accessories we also had some Grundtal hooks leftover.

Step 2: Built

The shelf was about 2cm thick and if it would have been any thicker, the screws wouldn't have fit. The holes I had to drill were 5mm. Four holes to mount it to the wall plus two holes for each handle. You really have to meassure carefully to get the dimenison correct.
I mounted it to the wall with four screws and my girlfriend liked it...



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