I got a laptop for Christmas this year along with a flash drive to go with it. The thing is is that I'm a college student and carry my laptop and stuff like that in my backpack. I got sick of digging through it every time I needed my flash drive, so I taped it to my computer.

Step 1: Ingredients (Stuff You'll Need)

One roll of handyman's secret weapon (duct tape) or packaging tape(this is what I used)
One flash drive that you are getting sick of searching for every time you need it
One flat surface upon which to tape your device
A little  patience and about 15-20 minutes
(The more rectangular or square your device is the easier it is going to be to make the pouch for it. )

(Sorry, the picture isn't very good. All it is is packaging tape and my flashdrive. It's on a cord because I'm using it at the time. HAHA)

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