Picture of Simple way to decorate an iPhone cover
summer 2012 127.JPG
summer 2012 128.JPG
summer 2012 134.JPG
Are you tired of that plain old iPhone cover? Good news their is a very simple way to fix this. Follow these instructions and everyone will be talking about your iPhone.
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Step 1: Tools needed

1. A Sharpie (black or whatever colors you like. Be creative)
2. An iPhone cover
3. A good imagination

Step 2: Think of a Design

Picture of Think of a Design
summer 2012 130.JPG
Think of a design. Once you think of it draw it on a piece of paper like seen in the pictures above.

Step 3: Transfer it to your iPhone cover

Picture of Transfer it to your iPhone cover
summer 2012 129.JPG
summer 2012 133.JPG
Pick and choose the designs you find interesting. Copy them on the cover. Do all these steps and you will be pleased!!!!