Picture of Simple wicked witch mask
In this instructable i am going to show you how to make a simple wicked witch mask using easy to find materials.

all the shapes are fairly simple and can be drawn out by hand but i will also include a template image should you wish to print them straight onto the card instead.

The basic mask template is one i will be using in future instructables so if you don't have a printer you may want to draw out two and keep one as a template for future mask making.

Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
Stapler and staples.
Craft knife
Cutting mat (or alternatively use the back of an old magazine)

2 x A4 sheets of green card.
1 x A4 sheet of black card (or paper)
double sided tape (for masks i prefer the spongier foam tape to give it a more 3D look but any tape will do)
String (or better yet elasticated cord)
Firstdalek made it!1 month ago
I printed out the shapes on paper and the mask turned out the perfect size.
Barry Neeson (author)  Firstdalek1 month ago
Fantastic, I'm glad to hear it. Hope you have fun with it :)
streetart1 year ago
Nice work!
Barry Neeson (author)  streetart1 year ago
Thanks, got another couple coming up :)
Well done, nice! :D
Barry Neeson (author)  Przeproprzem1 year ago
Thank you :)