In this instructable i am going to show you how to make a simple wicked witch mask using easy to find materials.

all the shapes are fairly simple and can be drawn out by hand but i will also include a template image should you wish to print them straight onto the card instead.

The basic mask template is one i will be using in future instructables so if you don't have a printer you may want to draw out two and keep one as a template for future mask making.

Step 1: Tools and materials

Stapler and staples.
Craft knife
Cutting mat (or alternatively use the back of an old magazine)

2 x A4 sheets of green card.
1 x A4 sheet of black card (or paper)
double sided tape (for masks i prefer the spongier foam tape to give it a more 3D look but any tape will do)
String (or better yet elasticated cord)
I printed out the shapes on paper and the mask turned out the perfect size.
Fantastic, I'm glad to hear it. Hope you have fun with it :)
Nice work!
Thanks, got another couple coming up :) <br>
Well done, nice! :D
Thank you :) <br>

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