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Introduction: Simple Working/gaming Desk

About: Born in Naples, Italy, lover of everything concerning about technology. Currently studying Automation Engineer at Federico II University of Naples.
Hi Instructables, this is my entry for Improve Your Room Youth Design Challenge!
It is the design of a simple desk, useful for working or just relaxing. Main features are:
  1. Computer and accessories (keyboard and mouse, speakers)
  2. Lamp adjustable in intensity and color
  3. Control panel for room lights and temperature
  4. Disappearing panel with USB ports and electrical outlets
  5. Mini fridge (cold drinks are necessary in every situation!)
  6. Drawer
  7. Little disappearing worktable

The 3D model was made with Sketch Up.

I am not a 3D drawing expert, but I think I managed to show my idea.
If you like it, please vote me; if you have some consideration to do, or advice to give, don't hesitate.
Thank you!



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    What is the Centimeter And Meter pls..

    Thanks! But it was better in my head.. :P