Simple (yet effective) Edward Scissorhands costume for kiddos

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Picture of Simple (yet effective) Edward Scissorhands costume for kiddos
When my son told me that he wanted to be Edward Scissorhands for Halloween, I knew that we were going to have a blast making the costume for him. Everyone in the family had something to add - my son of course offering the piece de resistance by literally *becoming* Edward that Halloween night :)

Many people have asked us over the last year, so here it is - how to make a (mostly!) simple Edward Scissorhands costume for your kids. Tone it down or add to it as you like.
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Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: Collect (lots of) Belts

Picture of Collect (lots of) Belts
Collect belts from used clothing stores. We ended up with ten belts for our then 4 year-old son. Obviously, bigger bodies will need more belts. They were collected over a period of several months anytime we were near a Salvation Army. Find black belts of all shapes and sizes with lots of grommets, studs, big metal buckles, etc. The more visual variety the belts have, the more interesting the costume will look.
torreyakatoe5 months ago
Haha, actually made this 2 years ago. Got 10 belts for $8, total costume only $15. Won 6 contests with it! ?
about how much cash did you spend on this costume?

so far it hasn't been cheap. over a $100 easy.

caraslifka (author)  scarlettfox5 months ago
YIKES! I bought a bunch of used belts for 99 cents each and less than 2 yards of cheap pleather - probably $25 for the entire costume, including the hair spray. Are you buying the belts used?
scarlettfox5 months ago

this is very involved, but so far worth it. First, you have to collect like... a dozen belts for cheap, or it can add up very fast. That takes time, because 99% of belts won't be "right." They'll be gold, or the wrong color, or wrong width or material... then you have to sew the material by hand. (after purchasing it, which I did online.) then you have to figure out how to arrange the gloves. It's not easy to find black gloves in a tiny size. It was even difficult on amazon. they are all cutesy. Then you have to get black shoes, and make the knives and or tape them to gloves. then arrange the costume with glue. then theres the matter with buying the correct, not crappy make up that won't smudge all over the black. Then you have to do the make up right on a toddler. Then the hair... It's a lot of work. then the toddler is upset because he essentially cannot use his hands during a holiday where hand use... is essential. So, all in all, it's expensive and a TON of work. Lots of buying little things that add up, and planning ahead. I've been working on it a month and am hoping to be done in time. Finding the belts took the longest. It's amazingly adorable so far though, I'm so excited.

JenniferH25 months ago

Why can't I see anything for steps 1 & 2? What am I missing?

EMUSAW6 months ago
Most adorable costume and kid ever!
erlabjork2 years ago
best costume ever! i love it!
Aww! That last picture is so cute!
amandaggogo3 years ago
This is themost adorable Edward Scissorhands I have ever seen! Love how he's got is expression down pat. What a cutie! :0)
Awesome job on the costume by the way!
totally agree :D
he's sooo cute!
TalitaPeres3 years ago
I was afraid! =D... loved it!
cenzi3 years ago
oh my god!!! I hadn't seen this instructable until now!! congrats on winning!!!! this is absolutely awesome and I just can't believe your son WANTED to be Edward!!! I love it!
caraslifka (author)  cenzi3 years ago
thank you thank you! i love your lego guys as well, so awesome and well-constructed! we're winners, wooo! ;)
jgil63 years ago
He looks amazing and what a cutie! I tried doing the make-up thing on my son and he hated it. We had to wash it all off! What a little trooper! I think I want to try this next year! Great job!!!
that is the cutest damn thing EVER lol. very nice!!
I think that your son is probley the best posible person for the"role".If my brother suted up in that he would look weird
Kryptonite3 years ago
Amazing, the title of the Instructable covers it perfectly, it's so simple and SO effective! I'm genuinely impressed, I hadn't seen past how truly simple the costume was until you pointed it out, great work!
caraslifka (author)  Kryptonite3 years ago
thank you so much for the nice's true that i think this costume looks much more involved than it actually was. when people started making a big to-do about it on flickr, i remember my response being "but all i did was glue a bunch of belts onto some pleather." i guess it's proof that overthinking it doesn't always make for the best end result. thanks again!
Your pictures are especially spectacular, did you take them yourself?
caraslifka (author)  Kryptonite3 years ago
i did, yes. thank you :)
lironess3 years ago
Wow that is just about the cutest thing I have seen for a kid in a LONG time :) I totally LOVE it!
He is the most adorable Edward Scissorhands I have ever seen!
adorable and totally scary
Thats exactly what I was going to say!
Yes, his presentation of the costume really pushes it over the edge!
caraslifka (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
thank you :) he really turned it up a notch when he put the suit on, which i think adds a lot to the overall costume.
Amazing =)
zomfibame3 years ago
by far one of the cooler things I've seen on Instructables.
nnygamer3 years ago
caraslifka (author)  nnygamer3 years ago
ty! :)
So many great ideas in here! I love how you made his hands.
caraslifka (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
thank you - i gave my husband the basics of how i envisioned the hands looking, and then set him free to make it happen...i think he did a nice job making something simple that also functioned like Edward's hands - I should have added the picture of him giving me a haircut with them, ha!
Quite good - I especially like the hair at the end. Kudos!
caraslifka (author)  valhallas_end3 years ago
aww, thank you! my husband used to wear his hair very tall and spikey, so he had some experience in making it happen for our kiddo :)
NoFiller3 years ago
Great costume. I love your creative use of belts and plastic knives. He is Edward Scissorhands!
caraslifka (author)  NoFiller3 years ago
thanks much! i have seen other costumes where the scissors were cut and painted from styrofoam, but i felt like this was a much easier method, but it's cute and funny and adds to the "costume" feel of it. :)