Simple/powerful Flyback Driver from a Computer SMPS

Picture of Simple/powerful Flyback Driver from a Computer SMPS
I found a way to use a switch mode powersuply from an old computer i had laying araund as a spair. It is very easy to build and gives you 1-4 cm arcs with an input of abaut 4A.
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Step 1: Warning!

Picture of Warning!

This driver may under the right sercamstanses blow a fuse or eaven kill you.

Damag that can hapen to the SMPS can be seen below.

P.S. dont use a powersuply that is over 200W else it can explode.

i will make a new instructable soon, on a new and inprovd method. that will not self distrukt, if there are any mistakes.

Step 2: Step 1:

Open The powersuply.

Just disconet the suply from mains power, disconet from computer.

Step 3: Step 2 Conections:

Picture of step 2 Conections:
Solder 2 wires on the the thransformer:
12HFAC and graund, usualy in the midel.

Do not huck the wires to the primary but hook them to the 12V secondary.
to identafy the sec just follow the wires on the bord.

Step 4: Step 3:

Picture of Step 3:
(do not use)
Hook up a bufer capaciter betwean the two wires from the transformer.

i used a 22nF 250VAC capaciter
do not use a Elko!!! they will explode

the capaciter triks the powersuply into thinking that ther was a user hooked up to it and prevents a high voltag feedback from the flyback into the powersuply.

use an induktor from another smps and hook the capacitor mentchnad befor in paralel with the induktors coil. i coil shold give u 4-6A. this methed produces a lot of heat, thats why you sholdent use this more then 2-3 min.

Step 5: Step 4:

Picture of Step 4:
wind aproxamently 6 turns on the flyback core, this will be hooked up to the powersuply.

use a hotstik to test the polerity of the flyback, big arc right polerity schort arc wrong polerity or just use a batery and a multimeater and look for the polerity.

Step 6: The Test

This is a video from me of my driver in use.


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Doctor90250 4 months ago
FYI FOLKS...with dyslexia, spell check is pointless. It's not a problem of spelling but of seeing letters and words in the wrong order and even backwards. meaning you'd see words from spell check the same way. now can we stay on topic rather than attacking the guy, when all he's doing is sharing an 'ible? and one last thing to those suggesting spell check... I'm sure you know how to Google... right? D-Y-S-L-E-X-I-A.....LOOK IT UP!
monty3242 years ago
good ible but the spelling, not so much. i understand that you have dyslexia but can i suggest you use Google chrome as it has a spell checker just like Microsoft word or get someone to read it over.
Jorsher5 years ago
It's nice of you to take the time and write this. I'm really not trying to be a jerk, but you should consider learning to spell correctly if you expect someone to take you seriously. Would you trust someone that can barely form a sentence to tell you how to safely build a dangerous device? You seem intelligent, so at least use spell-check...
Anywon who can't think of more then one way to spell a werd has a week mind.
You complain about other peoples spellings but then don't get it right yourself. That's rich.
You really need to leave people alone, As he said before he has Dyslexia, which is a development reading disorder or something of the sort. This may have been a year ago or so, but I can not help but to reply and say how foolish you are to make fun of someone who simply cannot spell correctly.. So what? I have dyslexic friends who can't spell right, but I don't make fun of them. People like you really ruin the fun on Do It Yourself sites and Video Sharing websites such as Youtube.

(btw, learn to spell, emcelhannon. *wink*)
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if you want to know why i spell badly, i will tell you. i have dyslexia.
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will do.
akbar83 years ago
how much voltage have in outpuut?? 5kv??
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Contender for the Darwin Award?
Give it a week.
Any news from OP? :D
Not yet...
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great instructable
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Just because you are Dyslexic does not mean you don't know how to properly use your computers spell Check Functions.
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Did you proof read this?
ARJOON sdobbie4 years ago
lol it was a nice tible but errors on grammar made it a little......
Justdoofus4 years ago
I appreciate your ible. I followed it throughly, However, I almost killed myself due to me not shorting the cap that was sitting in the monitor calling my name. (No, seriously, it gave me 'the look')