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Introduction: Simplest Electric Motor

Build your own ultra-simple electric motor with only a battery, magnet, safety pins and a bit of wire. Takes only a minutes to build, but will keep you mesmerized for hours. Cool science project. Impress your friends.



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    How do you get the coil to keep spinning if you completely remove the enamel from both sides of the wire? I would think the coil's magnetic field would simply alight with that of the permanent magnet's and just sit there. In order to spin the current through the coil has to stop for at least half the cycle.

    Hey thanks loads for this!! It's just the kind of thing I'm looking for, for my ten yr old home schooled son : ) Many thanks for sharing!

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    same here, great demo for kids

    A 'Hard Disk' is a component from a computer it stores data. it consists of an electro magnet coil an arm and at least 1 platter which is a metal plate. this is done by useing magnets.



    where could i get 1 of those magnets from?

    Would a penny with copper wire attached work?

    You forgot to mention one requirement : Gravity :-)

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    I don't know about you, but I'm not planning on going where there's no gravity any time soon. ;-)

    Guys! I was just pulling the leg for fun! Thats all.

    eh, mate, don't worry 'bout it. i was kittin' too.

    Why do you need gravity?? Just to keep it on the contact points?

    the video is getting so annoying because it dosen't load fully it keeps on stopping and starting i wish he just had some flipping instructions

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    I tink it's your computer, sorry mate. It didn't do that for me.

    THAT'S COOL DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks for giving such an opportunity

    Any photos or stills from the video? I am no a connection that can not view streaming video, not because of the lack of bandwidth but the fact that the service I have is so crap, most I get os about 108kbps average on a service they sell as T1 over 3G/HSDPA connections. So some stills would be nice to see.