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Introduction: ArOZ System for Raspberry Pi Web Server

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Have you ever want to share musics or video to your friends while there is no or slow internet access? You can use Bluetooth or NFC, but here comes another solution, the ArOZ Online, an opensource simple to use and install web platform for video and music streaming on any mobile devices. I have written this for nearly two weeks and now it is the time to publish this amazing system.


What is ArOZ

ArOZ is the short form of "Autolinked Real-time Operator Zipped System", which is an AI like system that help me monitor my server and perform simple fixing task if something goes wrong. However, when this project was in development, something went wrong and it became a cute desktop pet that can talk and interact with user. And the system "ArOZ Online" was a byproduct of the main ArOZ System as media streaming with C# , which I use for creating ArOZ System, was a too painful job.

Step 1: Interface and How It Works

As seen in the video, which was a Alpha development version, you can simply enter the system with an url, get to the tab that you want to play, select the music and done! You are streaming videos from your raspberry pi with no database needed!

If you haven't set up your raspberry pi web server and set it as a Wifi Access Point, please have a look over the link below:


Step 2: Mobile and PC Interface

Using javascript and css, the interface for mobile access and PC access will show slightly different.

Step 3: Installation

  1. Download the ArOZ Online zip file
  2. Unzip it to your web server's root folder
  3. Enter your server's ip address in the web browser to access the system
  4. Upload your music via the "Upload" tab on the right hand side of the menu
  5. Select the files and destination folder to upload (Music Bank / Video Bank)
  6. Refresh and your music or video are ready for streaming or download.

Step 4: Tips When Running Offline

When you bring your system out for, like camping, there is no internet access for the system to get its css from the external website. Hence, if you want to get your raspberry pi offline, powered with battery and share videos and musics during camping or traveling, you have to download the css and place it inside the root folder of your web server. The css I am using in ArOZ System was "TOCAS UI", you can check that out with the following link:

Step 5: IMUS Laboratory

The "ArOZ Online" was part of the ArOZ system that is still in development. There maybe further update of this system in the future. Thus, the update of this system should be release with the ArOZ Desktop Pet System later. If you encounter any difficulties or problem while running this on your raspberry pi web server, feel free to comment below. I will try my best to solve your problem as soon as it is related to the ArOZ Online System.

Beware that this system is design for local network ONLY. I do not recommend this to be running on a public domain or web server that every one on the internet can access. I might add in a login system to the upload page later.

System developed by IMUS Laboratory, for non commercial and personal use only.

IMUS Laboratory Facebook Page



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    6 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Hello tobychui,

    I have successfully managed to make an access point on my pi. i can also access the AROZ-Online site from my laptop. The only issue is that I cannot upload anything at all. If I try uploading anything, I only see this: array(0) { }. If you maybe know the fix for the uploading problem, please let me know. Otherwise You can also upload a working image of Your sd card on which the AROZ-System does work on this link:!AszcjJh70y0ugfoR8SN_tRrxh9TtGg . Apart from not being able to set this up myself, this project is really awesome!

    1 reply

    Hi Ace44, my ArOZ system is running on a windows based machine, but as my web server is based on Apache, running on raspberry pi is the same story. I guess that the reason for your Not Uploading problem maybe caused by the permission setting of linux environment. You have to set your web server directory to permission level 755. Some successful upload pics has been uploaded to your OneDrive for your reference :))


    1 year ago

    Hello tobychui,

    I am new to webservers and would like to get this running on my pi zero w.

    On step 4, you mention something about a css to run the system offline. Could you please elaborate step this step? Unfortunately, I don't understand chinese so the tocas-ui website is not much of a help.

    3 replies

    In order to run the system offline, you need to download the css to your sd card (raspberry pi zero, the base directory of your index.php). For example, you download the css and put it in the same folder of index.php, then you have to change the css link to something like

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="tocas.min.css">

    or here is another example, if you put your index.php in www (i.e. www/index.php) and the download tocas.min.css in a folder in which the css now with a path "www/css/tocas.min.css", then you need to change the css link to:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/tocas.min.css">

    Thanks for the quick answer. Is this the link to download the tocas ui: git clone ? Then, the downloaded files (tocas ui) should be placed in the same directory as the index.php. After moving the tocas ui files, I should link the tocas.min.css file in index.php, is that correct?

    Yes, you are correct. Other than downloading the whole github repo, you can also download only the css from the original script path so you end up downloading less things into your pi.