Introduction: Simplest Smartphone Stand EVER !

How to make an easy smartphone stand out of a plastic bottle cap.

Great for watching films or reading recipes while you cook.

Its a very simple, effective and rotatable stand for your smartphone which is quick and easy to make.

All you need is a plastic bottle cap and a sharp knife or cutter.

WATCH my Youtube tutorial here: Simple Smartphone Stand (using a plastic bottle cap)

or follow the STEPs down below.

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Step 1: You Need

Picture of You Need

- plastic bottle cap

- cutter or sharp knife

Step 2: Cuts

Picture of Cuts

Simply make two cuts on each side with a distance of 1 cm....

Step 3: The Little Ends...

Picture of The Little Ends...

Than it looks like the first pic. Cut of the little ends....

Step 4: Ready

Picture of Ready

Ready to GO :-D


jnjmarketingservices (author)2017-01-10

Genious!!!! Great Job Man!! I made one here out of some cardboard

KVSBUNNY made it! (author)2016-02-04

I made my holder out of a vitamin bottletop, (because it was blue), its wider than a soda bottletop, about 1.5" diameter I cut the slots on a slight angle, to give a better angle for Skype calls thanks!

Ehlers_TV (author)KVSBUNNY2016-02-07

Pretty cool !

ranwithjesus (author)2016-02-01

Cool! You have my vote!

Ehlers_TV (author)ranwithjesus2016-02-03

Thank YOU !!! :-D

IsaacPierce (author)2016-01-27


Very simple - yet one of a kind

Ehlers_TV (author)IsaacPierce2016-01-30

Thank you :-)

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