So I had an idea about making flat packed furniture that didn't need any screws and minimal assembly.
Whit that in mind I made a simple prototype of three legged stool that then is lasercut.

Step 1: Design It!

At my local makersspace we have lasercutters and we usually use Adobe Illustrator to make the vector images.

The stool I wanted to make is a simple prototype but there are a few features that I'd like to discuss.
First of all the stool is made in three pieces that when locked together is self carrying. The pieces interlock with slots at an angle to make the base a bit wider than the seat. This way it gets better balance.

My prototype material is 6mm MDF and since I'm making 3 identical "legs" I can just design one and all three of them will fit together. The reason the slots are not made at an angle is because I wanted to be able to use a lasercutter. If you use a CNC-machine it might be able to make the slots at an angle.

To identify the width of the interlocking slots I made three rectangles the same thickness as the material and placed them over each other in the angle I wanted. Since its a three legged stool the angles is 60 degrees. (Image 2)

The width of the slot is then the distance between the two red lines. This will differ with the amount of legs you want to use (since it changes the angles) and of course the with of your material.

This is pretty awesome. I love the simplicity. It does not look comfortable to sit on though. Any thoughts on a solution for that?
<p>Well you are quite right, its basically just the legs. To make it comfortable you should probably make a seat. I would just add some small motices to the legs and do a mortice joint to fit the seat. This would also make the structure more stable</p>

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