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Introduction: Simplest Stirling Engine

About: hello everyone iam steam turbine design engineer. My hobbies are making pulsejet engines,stirling engines,animations.

Hello Everyone after a long gap iam posting an instructable here. Today iam gonna show you the video of my first made stirling engine which is about 7 years ago. The video contains the materials required and assembling instructions. In this video its me before 7 years.

In my opinion this is the simplest way of making a stirling engine. Have fun in making it and dont forget to post you videos.

Stirling engines:

As Everyone knows a stirling engine is a hot air engine, which means the engine works purely on heat. The heat source can be anything from candles to stove. The basic working principle is hot air expands and cold air contracts. So the hot junction on one side and the cold junction on the other side.

Things needed:

1. Glass test tube which suits the diameter of the marble.
2. 5 marbles.
3. Plastic straw.
4. Rubber cork.
5. Glass syringe (Please dont use plastic syringe).



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    Is that another bung in the hot end of the test tube? Can you explain its working cycle? Are you doing anything to take away the heat at the cool end?

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    The test tube is sealed with rubber cork but there is a small hole in the rubber cork for the movement of hot and cold air.

    working: When the test tube is heated the hot air passes through the plastic straw and starts moving the syringe upwards, at some point the displacer moves and replaces the cold air in the syringe with hot air to expand again. This cycle continues giving upward and downward motion.

    3rd question: Displacer does that work.

    I dont know if this works or not... but you are very careful to not show the bottom of the (water?) filled syringe. If it works its sweet and simple. If not, guess we both had a little bit of extra time

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    The syringe is just full of air, which pushes in and out as the temperature changes in the test tube.

    Water filled?? I dont understand what are you trying to say. Nothing is filled inside the test tube or syringe only hot and cold air.

    That's cool. I've tried these before and not been able to make them cycle.

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    Thank you.. I wont say that i made this easily to, it took me four tries before i made it work. This was a bit tricky.

    I love the way you used gravity to move the displacer (marbles). It removes a push rod, and more importantly, a seal.