Chatting with your friend using a  laptop's Toasty Palm rest During the Scorching Summers of India Is not the way to spend a nice weekend, is it?

I'll show the Simplest way to Cool down your laptop's palm rest on the cheap. 

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Step 1: Whats Hiding Beneath?

Most of the manufacturers Put the hard Disk under the palm rest of laptops. And thats the culprit.
Hard drive heats up the palmrest, Making it uncomfortable to type on.

My beast had not One, but two Of 7200 RPM HDDs in RAID 0.

Blazing fast and just as hot. Its common to reach temps of 45~46 on Idle. 
Cooler on the <em>outside</em>, hotter on the<em> inside</em>. You risk &quot;cooking&quot; your drive with this fix you know?<br /> <br /> L<br />
If you call 35.C to be Hot, then thats it.<br /> <br /> Take a close look at the pics, my HDDs have a heatplate on the underside. They're being used more efficiently now after the mod.<br /> &nbsp;
35 degrees Celsius on the outside, or at the Drives? I think&nbsp;lemonie is right on this. Just because it's cooler on the outside doesn't mean it's any cooler around the drives. The insulation is holding more heat inside, and letting out less, that's why it feels cooler.
35.C INSIDE the HDD, Using SMART monitor.<br /> <br /> I gave this a second thought...<br /> The Insulation Isolates any heat from The CPU/GPU compartment from reaching the HDDs, hence keeping them, as well as palmrest cooler.&nbsp;
Hey man don't worry about the rest. You did your research and implemented an excellent project. The finished look is good too. You are a real hobbyist. You Made use of your hdds without swapping to ssd.

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