This is a basic tutorial to send information from the Electric Imp to the Arduino Due through UART (RX, TX) I am pretty new to both so some things I write may be incorrect. Most of the information I got from


If you know how to program well that tutorial may be way better then this one, but I thought this would be a more basic and easier tutorial for people to use.

Things You Need:
Electric Imp Shield
Commissioned Electric Imp (http://devwiki.electricimp.com/doku.php?id=commissioning)
Electric Imp Account
Arduino Due
1 USB to Arduino Cable
2 Wires
2 Headers

Step 1: Connect Everything Up

First you have to solder the headers into the electric imp shield, to power it you need to have 5V and GND connected from the Arduino Due to the Electric Imp Shield so these are really the only ones you have to solder but its better to do at least a row as you can see in the pictures.
You then need to place the Electric Imp card into the shield. I'm Assuming if everything is commissioned already this part is probably all already done.
Do you really need the speed of a hardware UART? Those secondary UART pins were meant for a software UART.
Hi I'm fairly new to this to be honest so I could be wrong, but I think this is for the Arduino Due which I was told does not have the software serial library ported to it yet which is why I got around it, an to make it easier using hardware. If you are using the Uno for example as you say software would be easier :).

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