Simplistic Lego IPhone 4 Stand


Introduction: Simplistic Lego IPhone 4 Stand

Created using only Lego Mindstorms this stand can rotate in place to support both portrait and landscape views while propping up your iPhone

Step 1: Understanding the Parts

This stand is created using 4 Major Parts:

1) The Foot
2) The Legs
3) The Gear System 

Step 2: The Foot

This is the first part of the stand. It is the base of the whole device and one should follow the pictures for the construction of this part. 

There are 4 total parts to the foot itself. Follow the instructions for each part very carefully and take note on the pieces used for each step by counting the number of holes per piece. 

Step 3: The Legs

The legs are fairly simple. They consist of two parts constructed in opposite positions. You can use the pictures as a guide to finding the correct pieces as long as you have your whole mindstorms set with you.

Step 4: The Gear System

The gear system includes the gear itself and the mechanism that holds the iphone. 

Step 5: Putting It All Together!

This part should be fairly easy. Take all the pieces you created and put them together!



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    I recommend to use, which is basically an amazon style site set up for all things Lego, like sets or individual pieces new or used. Very handy for finding ANY lego piece you may need.

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    I agree. Bricklink is very useful. However, I would call it an ebay style site, and not Amazon. Not that it matters.

    I have created a parts list for this project its in my office i'll try and post it Monday. I've made some for gifts. It come to be about $10 if you go to you can buy the parts

    i remember i made a stand with a lego piston and a pneumatic pump. It was amazing

    could you post the part list please? :)

    I just spent an hour looking for all the pieces, it is now all together and it looks awesome. Better yet, it works great with my iPod 4th generation. I'm just glade that I didn't just waste a ton of my free time ( - - ' )

    Ahhhh. I wasted time trying to build this for my ipod touch but then I thought it fit. It doesn't

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    Don't worry you can still make it work! just be creative!

    First let me say nice little project and thanks for posting it... but, well I bought the pieces put it together and as expected from the previous posts it is just a bit to narrow for my iPod 2G, if you have a quick fix I would love to hear it.

    I would play with the gear system. If you have extra pieces lying around that might be a great way to fix it. I will try to PM you with a fix asap.

    I really don't see how changing the gears around would help, the pieces on the "Turntable" as Lego calls it are where my issue is. Just a little bit to small, about have a standard space. I have been using Lego Digital Design to work it but haven't put the time in to come up with a fix.
    Picture included from LDD (don'r know why background is black.
    Proper pic below.


    You would have to some how extend this piece.

    Maybe use one of these:

    I made this for my iPhone 3g, not knowing the exact thickness difference, so I ended up modifying it until it worked. It works great now; thanks!

    just built it and discovered that the case i have on my iphone adds about 1.5 cms to the total thickness, so it doesn't fit...

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    Try modifying the gear system to fit your case.

    this looks great and would love if someone could email me the parts list and instructions.


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    Yup! I tried it actually it's pretty nice!

    Yes I can try, however I had destroyed the design I can try to come up with a parts list asap.