Simply Apple Sauce

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It's almost apple season. I like eating raw apples, yet warm fresh apple sauce is a great healthy dessert on a cold day. I am describing very basic steps, which only takes 20 minutes once you finish cutting apples. You may improvise with different kinds of apples or other ingredients, such as nuts. I would like to learn about other variations too.

I used 5 of small apples (2 inches diameter) and cooked with a small pot (5 inches diameter). Then, 2 people finished them all. If you cook a larger pot with more apples, you may put the leftover in a jar and enjoy later with ice cream, pie and beyond.


What you need to make apple sauce: for 2 people
  • 5 small apple
  • 3 to 4 table spoon of brown sugar (you may substitute other types of sugar)
  • water
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Step 1: Peel and cut apple

Picture of Peel and cut apple
Photo Sep 07, 19 00 40.jpg
Peel apples and cut in 1/8.
Take off the core.
Thinly slice them. I usually slice as thin as 1mm.

It takes some effort, yet it's good to clear your mind. :) We are so multitasking in our busy life, so it's good to focus on such a simple task. I think it's meditative.

Next day, I skipped peeling apples. If you thinly slice apples, you'll still get smooth apple sauce even with apple skin. :)

Step 2: Start cooking apples

Picture of Start cooking apples
Photo Sep 07, 19 13 03.jpg
Put a little water in a pot. I didn't measure, but it was a little more than 1/2 inch deep in a pot.
Start boiling the water. Once you start seeing a little bubbles in the pot, add apples you prepared in the previous step.

I think my pot was a little small, but it worked fine. :)

Step 3: Add some sugar

Picture of Add some sugar
Continue cooking with medium heat.
Add 3 table spoon of brown sugar. Taste it, and add some more if you want. I don't add too much sugar at this point. If I want more sweetness, I put maple syrup or honey when I eat.
Stir apples time to time.

It's cooked pretty fast. Probably it only takes 15 -20 minutes to be ready after you start heating apples.
Dang! Looks so tastey!