I really love motorcycles especially Harley Davidson so I made a nice clock for my living room wall. Like my other instructable, I don't include many measurements just simple steps on how I made the clock. It's really easy. Here's how I made mine.

list of materials
1/4" plywood
Old clock
A drill
A scroll saw
Some paint

You could use other wood this is just what I had handy. I took apart an old cheap wall clock for the mechanism. A jigsaw should work fine aswell.

Step 1: Get Your Image

I usually find my images on Google. Once saved on my computer I use a website to turn the picture into a poster. blockposters.com works great for this. just chose how big you want it and download the pdf file the website makes for you. I chose 2 pages. I printed the image with my laser printer, cutout the image then got ready to transfer it onto my piece of wood. I use an iron which works fairly well.

<p>very cool. I made similar clock on a wall. drew and painted H-D on wall. drilled hole in wall that butts up to the laundry room (had no wall board on laundry room side) put the clock box in on the laundry room side. put hands on clock and there you go. my son loved it in his bedroom.</p>
That sounds way cool!

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