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Introduction: Simply... the Tire Chair

About: A group of like minded people using unwanted items to produce functional designs and not so functional art. Looking for more like minded people interested in the same thing.

Enjoy the time lapse of us making a tire chair with pretty color changing LED lights. Visit for our other projects.



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    How did you polish the tires? It looks like an angle grinder is that correct?

    I agree with Kiteman...This is great, but I would love to see a full instructable.

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    Thanks, in our next post I will try to keep that in mind. The materials used are semi-truck tires, all thread, and an audio activated led lighting system. Semi truck tires are 50% metal and 50% rubber, making them very difficult to cut through but necessary to keep the rigid shape, so make sure to use a heavy duty band saw.

    one less that frustrating way to cut through the bead steel that i found wasa to insert enough wood, (usually a 10" thick piece of tree limb.) the more dangerous way to do it is to drill the side wall above the bead on both sides, then lace the beads together until they touch, you have to keep them from vibrating to get a quick cut.

    The fourth tire went back to recycling yard.

    I would have told him that the fourth tire was holding the camera at the end. LOL great chair, when i am over in the sandbox i am sure that i will be able to run across scrap to do that with.   did you get your tires from goodyear? those look like the commercial tire desig letters on the side.  I miss that job. sigh...

    great chair!!!!!!!! I m from Uurguay and i love recycling tires into sandals, belts. I ll try this!!! Did you cut with a hand saw ? thanks!!!!!!!

    The video is nice, but you really, really ought to post a full Instructable...

    Pretty awesome. If you leave it outdoors make sure nothing makes a home inside it or you could get a nasty surprise when you sit down :P