Introduction: "Home Made" Liquid Nitrogen, for Next to Nothing!

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Or, poor man's liquid nitrogen. I'm in college, but unfortunately no chem classes, nor do I have the money for a Dewar's of my own to have filled. I heard of this technique from a friend of a teacher's son's maid..or something, it was a while ago.

Full credit for this idea belongs to wbeaty over ar Youtube,
I'm just the instrustables messenger;)

Step 1: Supplies

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- Two pop bottles or equivalent. (1 2L, one 354ml or whatever the personal size ones are)
- Dry ice(Pellets probably are the best option)
-99% isopropyl alcohol( Can be found at most grocery/drug stores.)
-Something sharp to cut the bottles apart with.

Step 2: Cut Bottles.

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Cut the top of the big bottle off about 2 thirds of the way down. i tested multiple depths, and something that the small container barely peeks over seems good.

The smaller container needs to be cut to about the same height, ensure that by testing the smaller container inside the larger.

Step 3: Prepare Inside Container!

Picture of Prepare Inside Container!

Cut some small holes in the bottom of the inside container. This will allow the alcohol to get chilled by the dry ice while keeping the cry ice away from your test subjects. Accuracy is not an issue, just make it smaller than your smallest chunk of dry ice.

Step 4: Pack It In.

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Put some dry ice in the bottom of the container, add the inner bottle, and fill it in around the sides. I tried to just fill it, and work the bottle in, but it DOES not work for anything. Crushing the dry ice yields more uniform results, at the cost of faster sublimation. (turning into useless vapor)

Step 5: Add the Alcohol.

Picture of Add the Alcohol.

Pour alcohol into both sections of the container, the levels should even out eventually. Odds are you won't be able to see very well where the alcohol is, and spill a little. This is good. It lets you know the container is full.

Step 6: Freeze Crap!

Picture of Freeze Crap!

Flowers probably give the most dramatic result. Drop one in, stem up. Let it sit for a few minutes. longer ALWAYS equals better. Give it a whack on something, anything really, after letting the alcohol run off a little bit. The results are great. We tried this flower, a pickle(Pickles SHATTER like glass!), a leaf, and an egg.


If you have any experience with Liquid Nitrogen, this ISN'T THE SAME! This stuff STICKS to your skin like napalm and hurts, bad. Dry ice can burn you good, real good. Alcohol vapors should never be directly inhaled. THIS METHOD OF COLDENING STUFF SHOULD NEVER BE USED FOR COOKING! This stuff is nasty, the alcohol turns into a smelly, smelly gel. It's thick and hurts! DON'T MAKE ICE CREAM WITH THIS!!

If you must make Dry Ice bombs with the left overs (like we did) Go to a safe place ( we went to an empty beach) and stay well away, never handle the dry ice with bare hands for too long! As of tonight I have no feeling in my left pointer fingertip! We were stupid so you don't have to be! Enjoy, shatter things, learn something, be safe!


SngQ (author)2016-06-03

Thx i am using it to freez my wards.

Fridge Gnome (author)2009-07-21

would this shatter a rubber ball?

lasr1 (author)Fridge Gnome2009-08-22

Well, only one way to find out!

bond00 (author)lasr12015-11-17


rerat (author)Fridge Gnome2009-08-24

I would assume so, if you let it freeze long enough!

brightest_cyan (author)2008-10-18

This is a lot like wbeaty's demo on "Poor man's "Liquid Nitrogen" Youtube He even describes that it will stick to you like napalm in his description. If you were inspired to make an Instructable because you saw hid demo, you really should give some credit to where you got the idea from.

rerat (author)brightest_cyan2008-10-18

The napalm comment however I derived myself after having stuck my finger in the mix. Haha.

IamGOD Biotches (author)rerat2012-10-30

Why?!? doesn't that burn?

bond00 (author)IamGOD Biotches2015-11-17


bigmike233 (author)rerat2009-03-11

did it burn ur finger???

66411 (author)bigmike2332009-08-15

I also put a bit on my fingertip when I made napalm, this was to feel the viscosity of it I presume that the author as I, did this before testing the burn characteristics of napalm.

JoeT5 (author)brightest_cyan2014-12-15

So i assume that alcohol has a much lower freezing point than water, is what makes this possible, does anyone know what temps you deal with when doing this

SalmanR (author)brightest_cyan2014-11-28

It is, and he gave credit at the start

"Full credit for this idea belongs to wbeaty over ar Youtube,
I'm just the instrustables messenger;)"

Pay more attention.

He said up top he got it from that youtube video, and he put the guy who made it too. i admit it's not obvious, but it's there. (plus it's fun shattering things with it.)

rerat (author)brightest_cyan2008-10-18're right, I was absolutely no recollection of where I knew about this from! Adding credit now, sorry wbeaty!

Christian Shreve (author)2015-05-31

So can I not make dipping dots with this if I made it then? I found out how how to make dippin dots and it involves liquid nitrogen.

enderbrother (author)2015-03-21

does the taste go some time of time go away?

BobB14 (author)2015-01-30

can i dip something in the liquid nitro and then eat it?

elliott.beltran (author)BobB142015-02-07

No way, this is a super cooled liquid (alcohol) not actually liquid nitrogen. The results of dipping food in wouldn't be good. Yuk!

CaitlinW1 (author)2014-08-21

if you made dippin' dots would it be safe to eat them?

KnobbyNobbes (author)2010-07-02

how long does the alcohol stay at freezing temperatures?

junits15 (author)2010-01-26

not liquid nitrogen, just cold alcohol

walfers1 (author)2009-09-23

how do i make a holding tank fo liquid nitrogen

bowmaster (author)2009-08-24

Are the two pictures of frozen weed?

rerat (author)bowmaster2009-08-24

Haha, it's a maple leaf little buddy.

bowmaster (author)rerat2009-08-24

Oh!!! Now I see it!!

rimar2000 (author)2008-10-18

Awesome! Thanks.

rerat (author)rimar20002008-10-19

No problem! make sure you check out wbeaty's video! It is such a fun thing to see something like a flower, shatter like glass.

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