Here i am introducing an easy simulator named Circuit Wizard.I hope it will be so easy and helpful for beginners.

This software can be used for simulation as well as PCB designing.

Step 1:

this is not an instructable but an advertisement. There's no link to a website and all I can find is a commercial software package. <br><br>Autodesk, please introduce some moderation. A lot of instrucables these days consist of a 1 line about nothing or a link to a toutube movie. I can find things on youtube myself. <br><br>With respect to people that DO put a lot of efford in making an instructable.
<p>I completely agree. This is not an instructable, and it was actually highlighted in an email? </p>
<p>ok i agree with you. please inform it to instructable authority to remove this one...</p>
<p>So true. Still... it could be a good way of to distribute for beginners to have acces to designing tools for electronics, (there are many such a tools &quot;for free&quot;). That is: give links to them tools for free e.g. RS-electronics has a..... (oooh... my bad don't have the link here now... sorry)</p>
<p>yes it will help allot for beginners.. in it can study about waveform and something.. and easy to use.. here can design PCB too.</p>
<p>i thought the videos itself is an instructable ..in the video it explain how to take components how to draw and simulate..</p><p>I accept your comments...in my previous instructable one asked about how i draw circuit..so i posted this video...and i appreciate your worry than instructable team about number of steps needed in an instructables</p>

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