Simulation of Arduino Based CNC -- Arduino+ GRBL+ Proteus 8


Introduction: Simulation of Arduino Based CNC -- Arduino+ GRBL+ Proteus 8

Simulation of Arduino based CNC by Proteus 8 and GRBL firmware.

In this instructable I want to show how to Simulate Arduino, stepper motor and CNC code by Proteus with using GRBL firmware.

Arduino can't operate NC by it's own. Some firmware is used for doing that job. GRBL is one of popular and open source firmware.

More about GRBL

Software need for this project:

1. Proteus 8

2. Arduino IDE

3. GRBL Firmware v0.9j for Arduino > Download

4. Gcode loader : UniversalGcodeSender-v1.0.9 > Download

5. Hex file of GRBL > Download

6. Virtual Port driver: Virtual Serial Ports Emulator > Download

7. Arduino library file for Proteus 8 > Download

Buy a Arduino set from e bay link

Step 1: Set Up Virtual Serial Pin

Set up the Virtual serial pin:

Using any Virtual Port driver. 'Virtual Serial Ports Emulator' using my project.

> Select COM pin 1
> Start COM pin

Step 2: Making G-code

G-code file need for this simulation. File format (*.gcode).

In this Instructable I use Open source software Inkscape-0.48.5-1 < D ownload > and G-code extension <Dow nload> to generate G-code.

Or can use a sample G-code.

Or using online CAM service like EASEL

But ensure that this CAM support GRBL firmware.

Step 3: Proteus Setup and Componet Conection

> Using following components to make Proteus project

  • ARDUINO UNO R3 - 1x
  • Hex inverter 4069- 1x

  • LED-BIBY -4x



  • L297 - 3x

  • L298 - 3x

  • COMPIN - 1x


> Use PDF for connection

> Using Virtual COM pin in Proteus.
> Upload HEX file of GRBL to Aurdino in Proteus. (Show on video.)

Step 4: Run the Simulation

  • Connect G-code sender to virtual COM pin.
  • set machine zero
  • Browse G-code file
  • Run Proteus simulation

  • Send G-Code with virtual COM pin to virtual arduino.
  • Start Visualization at G-code sender.

See the video



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    6 Discussions


    Question 4 months ago

    Please put a video for making of connections between l297ic and l298ic connections on pcb board

    could you please send the making video


    5 months ago


    why is the simulation is so slow?in my pc the estimated time is around 30 hrs,is it normal??

    Please the simulation program !!

    Thanks for sharing :)