A sketch to generate a sine Wave using Arduino Due

The wave is generated by outputting pre-calculated voltage levels through the DAC on the arduino DUE board


1x Arduino DUE

2x Jumper wire


Using a jumper wire, connect DAC0 on the Arduino to the desired target that should receive the wave

If ground connection is required:

Using a jumper wire, connect GND on the Arduino to the ground connection on the desired target.

The sketch offers 5 different waveforms with different frequency and levels of granularity. Follow the documentation in the sketch to uncomment the desired wave.

Resulting waves:

Step 1:

<p><font><font>Arduino UNO</font></font></p>
<p>Im afraid the arduino UNO has no DAC and cannot support this implementation. <br>I have only tested this on a DUE, but technically the zero and mkr1000 could also work. </p>
<p>good afternoon. Tell me on arduino it works? The error in line 107 ('analogWriteResolution' was not declared in this scope). Tell me what to do. Thank you.</p>
<p>Interesting. I have never seen a wave generator like this on an Arduino before. </p>

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