Singing Arc Plasma Speaker project - revision 2.0!

Picture of Singing Arc Plasma Speaker project - revision 2.0!
You've probably seen my last, failed singing arc project. I decided to give it a second attempt. Anyway, I believe I know what went wrong, which I covered in the last instructable.

So after realizing that driving an inductor or transformer in the flyback mode of operation will basicly lead to failure at higher powers, I decided it was time to change tactics. Instead of driving the flyback in it's flyback mode, I will drive it with resonance!

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Step 1: Disclaimer, and dangers.

If you have not messed around with high voltages before, Please don't attempt to make this circuit. The ZVS driver I am building is easily capable of delivering 45,000 volts (45 KV) @ 5-15 mA of current. This output current can cause serious problems such as loss of muscular control, involuntary spasms, heart fibrillation, cardiac arrest, death, and perhaps worst of all, involuntary self-urination. You definitely would not want any of that!


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