Step 11: The Perch continued

Picture of The Perch continued
Once the paint had dried I began crocheting around the wire with the brown yarn.  I used the larger 5.5 mm crochet hook and used a chain stitch. I alternated doing the chain in front of the wire then behind so that the yarn wraps around the wire.  I used a similar technique here which had detailed pictures.  I added a few small branches by doing 3-4 chain stitches away from wire then slip stitches back to the wire and continuing on.  Once I covered the wire with yarn I glued the ends so that it didn't slide off.


The perch looked a bit plain thought I intended this to be a branch in winter. To add a bit of colour  I made some small felt balls with my cat's fur and dyed it with red Kool-aid (for instructions on how to make and dye the felted balls you can find them here).   I then strung each felt ball berry on a bit of wire and attached it to the perch in groups of three.