Step 7: Electronics

When you take apart your Plant Pal moisture meter you'll find a little circuit board like Image 2 above. There are two large prongs which you stick into the dirt that act as an on/off switch.  When the soil is moist the circuit is turned off and no chirping, when the soil is dry the circuit is on and it chirps.  Unfortunately mine never worked properly, no matter how much water I added to the soil it was always chirping.  I ended up taking out the battery, stuck it in drawer and forgot about it -until now. 

When I decided to use it for this project I was hoping I could use the prongs somehow as a switch to turn on and off the chirping in my chickadee, but the only way the circuit would stop chirping is if I dunked the prongs in salt water.  I really didn't want to dunk my chickadee into salt water to stop the singing so I had to explore other options.  The circuit board also has a LDR resister so that the plant moisture meter doesn't chirp at night.  This seemed like a good way to control the circuit. 

So what I did was to trim off the LDR resister and solder a wire to each side where it connects to the circuit board. Now if the two wires come together the circuit is on and there is chirping.  I would wrapped each end of the wire around a magnet and when they are connected by a piece of metal the circuit is turned on.  So when the chickadee sits on the table there is no chirping but when I move it to the perch where it sits on a small piece of metal it starts to sing.
<p>nice.I'm gonna make one of this from TF2</p>
<p>thank you for the pattern. love the bird ^v^</p>
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br>
Your bird is adorable! Looks like your cat really likes it too.
Thanks. Yes, my cat really likes it.
Nice instructable, and great job on winning in the contest!
Very well done! Congrats on your grand prize :)
Congratulations on being a finalist in the fiber arts contest!! Good luck to you! I'm so excited this is in the finals, I voted for you, I can't crochet...wish I could but I can't..but I so appreciate the work it takes and this turned out so so lovely!
Thanks! Crocheting is a lot of fun and easy to pick up, you should give it a try if you have the time (of course that is the hard part -finding the time, there are a lot of things I would like to learn if I only had the time).
Voted !!Good Luck.
That is adorable! I miss hearing Chickadees all the time :)
I didn't realize you don't get Chickadees in California, how sad.
Well, they might be out here. But it's not the same as living in the country in Minnesota. My grandma would sing back to the chickadees. Chickadee-dee-dee-dee :)
so cute!
I better not make one of these, because our 2 cats would attack it!!!
Want to try something new
Brilliant! I love seeing new ways to hack things. Your Smaug instructable made me want to join instrucables. Thanks!
Cute, clever and I loved seeing your cat on the video jump up on the table to investigate. :)
Thanks! I was going to re-do the video because I have the TV on in the background but I don't know if my cat would do that again.
How adorable!!
This is amazing!
I really like this, and could totally use it during the dark winter months that lie ahead.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <sup><sub>Also, please stop reading my mind on project ideas and posting them before me; amazingly</sub></sup><br /> <br />
Really, what were you going to make?
damn these are cute...
This is ... so well made !<br> <br> In addition to all the yarn work, you add electronics to it ! !<br> <br> and then you MODIFY it and add a <strong>magnetic</strong> chirp <strong>switch</strong> ! ! ! .<br> <br> Girl ( or if you like polite Lady ) you are on <strong>Fire ! ! ! !</strong><br> <br> A
Magnetic chirp switch -that makes it sound like I know what I am doing not just <strong>winging</strong> it!
This is adorable! So perfect for bird lovers!

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