Step 9: Finishing and attaching the head

Picture of Finishing and attaching the head

Crocheting the beak:
With black yarn, start at a point near the middle of the head, chain stitch 2 stiches, slip stitch back to the head. Tie off.

Sewing the eyes:
Sew the eyes to the head, they should be located slightly above the beak, more towards the front than the sides. 

White cheeks:
I used the same white yarn as I did for part of the body and a yarn needle to embroider the white cheeks of the chickadee. If you wanted to make a different variety of chickadee the Carolina Chickadee has a wider patch of white and the Mountain Chickadee has a stripe of black running through the white.

Now you can sew the head on (make sure that the electronics are working properly before you do).

Wing details:
For a finishing touch I embroider the wings with white thread since the wings of Black-capped Chickadees are edged with white.  On Carolina Chickadees the wings are edge with a lighter grey.