Rainbow Loom Single Braclets


Introduction: Rainbow Loom Single Braclets

You first need your temple. If have any comments comment below.

Step 1: Hook

Then u need your hook. To pick up the rubber bands

Step 2: Rubber Bands

Pick out any colors. Maximum 25 rubber band. Can use as many different color.

Step 3: Starting the Loom

Take the first two colors and place them how I did in the photo. Make a V shape on the template. Make sure the arrow is going up.

Step 4: Continue

Repeat step 3 across the whole template.

Step 5: Continue

Turn the template so it facing you.

Step 6: Continue

Use the hook to take the bottom rubber band and move to the next hook.

Step 7: Continue

Keep doing as said on step 6. Till the end of the Template. This is what it looks like when all colors are on the template.

Step 8: Finish Step

When done u add a "C" clip or "S" clip. To the big part at the end. As seen in picture number 2. With the red lining.Then start piling it off the board. When done with that you can hook ten other end to the "C or S" clip.

Step 9: ALL DONE!!

Now you single rainbow loom is all done!! Enjoy have any question please comment!



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    I need more rubber band any sugestions?


    A more descriptive title would be recommended. I had to read the whole thing to figure out what this was all about, while that is not a bad thing it would just be recommended.

    Ya you can use it by hand and you also can do other design on that template

    Is that plastic band holder designed for this purpose specifically? Or was it repurposed. Nice colors, and could you also do this by hand?

    If want me to change anything or have any question on something comment.