Step 8: Enjoy... then refine.

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I dipped out quite a bit of the ice cream and then poured out the rest... it clearly wasn't done setting. I still enjoyed it, but it didn't really remind me of ice cream as a kid either. First, I made way too much for just myself. Secondly, it needed to be much thicker, added to the fact that I had never had homemade chocolate ice cream, only vanilla or some fresh fruit variety.

I think this has a lot of potential though... if I had used ice and salt instead of just the freezer, I'm sure it would have set faster and better. The paddles probably also need to be thicker to keep a lot of ice crystals from forming, but it's hard to tell from this batch. Finally, I think I would prefer the vanilla instead of chocolate (a little chocolate syrup really helped the flavoring though).

Overall, this was a pretty satisfying project, and I think the more someone did this, the better results they could get. This project is also entered in the rechargable battery contest, so if you enjoyed it please remember to vote. And, if you guys try this, please drop some pics and let me know how it turned out for you!
HamenChips4 years ago
One tip is that you don't have to put that inside the fridge for so long you could put some ice in the CD container (make it has salt) then turn it on, that should take about 20 minutes or so.
My thought includes the need for some sort of scraper, as is used in conventional ice cream makers. Hhmmmm... ...maybe modify some sort of spatula that could be shaped to follow the contours of the peanut butter jar so that it could scrape the sides of the jar as it freezes. It may make it a little too much work for it to run on the battery source; therefore, needing to be hard-wired for electricity. Are the cocktail straws strong enough as well or do they bend back as it turns? This is a great project!
yokozuna (author)  ladybanksia995 years ago
Thanks. The cocktail straws seem to hold up fine, but I think you're right. Long story short, even with some improvements there is still a good deal of crystalization as it hardens. I'm not sure what the answer is... freeze quicker, turn harder, or what.It's not terrible, but it's not awesome as I had once hoped. I guess it's back to one gallon chocolate tubs for the time being. :)
Absol6 years ago
Your idea is pretty interesting.... Yay! Hooray!
omikeo6 years ago
Pretty cool re-use of materials Keep em outta the land fill, well done