Picture of Single Serving Sweet Iced Tea (in the office!)
Growing up in Virginia, I do enjoy some ice cold sweet tea. I've noticed that as you move north or west, it becomes harder and harder to find any. After moving to Colorado it's become virtually impossible to find any.

One of the main issues I had with brewing and steeping of my own sweet tea was that it took time. You had to prepare a pitcher well in advance for it to be cold. By that time I had usually given in and gotten something else to drink.

Well no more! I've perfected the single serving sweet tea, and in the office no less. This is perfect if you work in an office building and happen to have a kitchen on your floor. Being summer this is awesome. It also helps lessen the sting of being in the office on a Sunday.

Step 1: Find the kitchen on your floor

Picture of Find the kitchen on your floor
One thing I've noticed from working in various office buildings, is that most of them look the same for the most part and they have roughly the same things. Food services anyone?

Find your office kitchen and take stock of what's available. You may not have everything on hand but most can be substituted fairly easily.
ahava4885 years ago
This is a nice alternative to coffee or a soda from the vending machine at my work place. Best of all I can make ice tea from my favorite kind of tea. Thanks!
OliveOyl6 years ago
I just tried making iced tea your way and it turned out great. Why didn't I think of this myself? The tea has that wonderful fresh brewed taste and I used an ordinary supermarket tea bag (Salada). Thanks for the idea.
troyml6 years ago
Very nice! I just got back from a sweaty, hot bike ride, and this sounds really refreshing right now. Excuse me while I go quickly make a cup of iced tea.