Single Sheet Origami Crane and Throwing Star




Introduction: Single Sheet Origami Crane and Throwing Star

Single sheet origami crane and throwing star

Step 1: Single Sheet

Step 2: Fold at 45 Degrees

Step 3: Fold Up to the Edge

Step 4: Carefully Cut or Tear Off the Rectangle. This Will Be the Star

Step 5: Fold the Triangle in Half

Step 6: Open the Triangle Up to Become a Square and Make Tight Creases

Step 7: Tight Creases

Step 8: Repeat to the Other Triangle

Step 9: Fold the Sides Over to the Center Crease

Step 10: Open Up and Crease

Step 11: Creased

Step 12: Flip and Repeat

Step 13: Using Previous Creases Open Up and Crease

Step 14: Fold the Two Sides In

Step 15: Flip and Repeat

Step 16: Open the Wing and Invert the Neck and Head

Step 17: Turn the Head Down

Step 18: Flip the Tail Out

Step 19: Tussle the Wings and Set Out for Display

Step 20: Take the Leftover, Fold in Half and Pull Apart. Cut If Scissors Are Available

Step 21: Fold in Half for Reference Point

Step 22: Fold Triangles From Both Ends

Step 23: Repeat

Step 24: Undo the Last Fold and Lay Them on Top of Each Other

Step 25: Fold the Ends Over Like Closing a Cardboard Box. the Last One You Will Have to Go Over and Tuck Under

Step 26: Throw Star at Nearest Child, Coworker, or Cubicle Mate.



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