Single Shot Muzzle-Loader Knex Pistol With Low/High Setting.



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Introduction: Single Shot Muzzle-Loader Knex Pistol With Low/High Setting.

This Knex pistol is a good gun for a beginner Knex gun crafter to adapt off of. It's a simple design and the firing distance isn't too bad at 8-9 feet (low setting) and 16-17 feet (high setting). The firing rate and reload time do suck though compared to some of the guns here on because most have a magazine fed system. If you happen to find a cool or interesting modification feel free to post it here! Any spam/hate mail will be deleted.

P.S. This is my first Instructables so please don't criticize me XD

P.S.S. This is a projectile so please use common sense and don't aim at anyone or anything you don't want hurt or broken. :P

P.S.S.S. That being said please don't aim at anyone or anything even if you DO want them hurt or broken.

Step 1: Building the Pieces

This step shows what to make, you will have pieces left over for how to connect the gun in the next step.

1. Make 2 of these.
2. Make one of each of these.
3. Same with these.
4. Again, make one of these.
5. Make... two, just kidding, ONE of these.
6. Make two of these tied together rubber bands. (Which means you'll use four rubber bands in case I wasn't clear.)

Step 2: Assembling the Pistol

Here is where you finally put it all together! (Most of these descriptions are pretty vague, just check the pictures :P)

1. Attach the 2 white rods to the handle of one of the frames.
2. Slide on the 2 gray connecters attached to each other.
3. Attach the second frame to the 2 white rods.
4 and 5. Slide 3 white rods into the piece in this picture.
6 and 7. Connect the piece you just made into the back of the handle.
8 and 9. Connect the orange connecter and black fork piece at a 90 degree angle to the gray connecters attached to the white rod.
10. Attach the light gray connecter to the white rod between the gray connecters.
11. Connect the trigger to the handle.
12. Attach a white rod to each of the places highlighted in the picture.
13. Attach an orange connecter to the white rod above and behind the handle.
14. Take a blue rod, attach a gray connecter, and slip on a blue spacer. Make 3 of these.
15 and 16. Slip them into the highlighted holes as shown. Slip a spacer on the other side and then put a gray connecter on facing the same way as the one on the other side.
17. Take a rubber band and spin it so it has two loops. Then attach it on the highlighted white rods. Do the same on the other side. (Sorry I couldn't describe it in better detail.)
18. Slip the 2 pairs of rubber bands tied together through the firing pin.
19. Slide the firing pin into the back of the barrel.
20. YOU'RE FINISHED! I hope you have fun with this gun :P This last picture shows the gun I originally made and the one I made to show how to make them.

Step 3: Pros and Cons of the Pistol

1. The Entire Pistol
2 and 3. The Low Setting (Pictures 2 and 3 have different pros and cons.)
4 and 5. The High Setting (Pictures 4 and 5 also have different pros and cons.)

Step 4: Tips

1. Try out Low setting for a while before switching to high.
2. Be careful when using high setting as it has a bit more kickback and a bigger chance of going horribly wrong.
3. Only use brand new rubber bands to prevent breakage.
4. Check your rubber bands occasionally for fraying or breakage.
5. Fire only indoors to prevent loosing your ammo, though be careful not to fire near pets or small children.
6. Never threaten anyone/hold anyone hostage/shoot anyone who doesn't want you to.
8. Post tips or modifications.
9. Look for more instructables as I continue to make them :D



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    thank you very much for your gun some information shoots 7 meters very painful thank you so much it looks cool and shoots far! you rock:D

    how to fire this thing? p.s .trigger doesn't really work

    1 reply

    The trigger worked fine on my gun, is the orange connecter fitting behind the fork connectors?


    i would like to try and use this mag techno as part of my upcoming pistol, the CD-94 Flint.


    stop that rod being bent its stupid and terrible - it tells me ur stupid cos it tells me that you cant be bothered to take the super sim p-le recaution to fix it.

    This is pretty nice for a firstpost . My first post was awful!!! :)

    P.S. This is my first Instructables so please don't criticize me XD


    Other then that, this gun is better then most of the guns beginners post. I'm gonna agree with the rest on the grey rod though. Don't torture the poor guy.

    P.S. "P.S.S." It's P.P.S. not P.S.S

    11 replies

    Ha Ha my ex girlfriend say that.

    Lol that's one of my taunts on SSBB.

    SSBB? One day my ex girlfriend out it on her hand and when ever she says it I laugh.

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    Duhh, wow im stupid. ha ha ha

    Lol. I just played that an hour ago.

    Well, I didn't want to go quite that far ;)

    Lol, I guess that would've been too much.

    i hate when ppl say this is my first so dont be mean

    o my gosh please don't do that to your gray rods that is terreble

    1 reply

    Yeah dont do that or we will call the KRAC, or Knex Rod Abusion Centor