Step 10: Storage Bins and Bungee Cords

Picture of Storage Bins and Bungee Cords
The last step in creating the trailer was adding the storage capacity. I used three bins for storage: one 56 quart bin and two 16 quart bins. These fit perfectly between the curve of the front of the frame and the rear wheel guard. I used bungees to hold the bins to the trailer. I was somewhat careful not to place the bungees too near any brazing joints, but by the end of the trip, I didn't care where they went. I was pretty sure it was going to make it regardless of where they were.

What I didn't plan on, but found out on the road, was that a six-pack fit nicely between the front of the storage bin and the front of the trailer. Perfect for picnics!
jpvskv3 years ago
I think you did a fine job and saved a bundle of dough too. The only improvement I can think of would be to make the pivot removable (for storage, when not in use) with a extra head pipe brazed to the current one and pipes between connected with removable pins.
Did you paint it since you did the pictures for this instructable?