Single Mans No (real) Measure Banana Pancakes!


Introduction: Single Mans No (real) Measure Banana Pancakes!

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Banana Pancakes!

Who doesn't like em?

Well...I had never tried them until today....But I decided to.and make an Instructable..

or Destructible....dependin' on how things went..

You will need






a Pan

a Lemon

a pinch of salt

a gas or electric stove, or campfire (never tried them with a Microwave)

a Spoon, a plate

Step 1: Get Crackin'

Crack 2 or 3 eggs into a bowl..see?, its easy! i used 2

Step 2: Flour

add 3 to 5 ish, spoons of white flour

Step 3: Pour Some Sugar on

now 1, 2, 3, whatever u like of sugar..remember, the more u use, the MORE it can BURN and caramelise

Step 4: Milk It...for All Its Worth (Like These Corny Titles for Instance)

throw in a little juice of cow...that's MILK...skimmed, semi, homogenafratednuclear or whatever! goat, sheep, your eatin it not me..... I used enough to make the batter as thick as decent engine oil....

Step 5: Get at It......

MIX! till no lumps......if like me you got no power tools in your kitchen, get at it, with a fork

Step 6: Steal Some Monkey Food

take some Monkey food (that's bananas) and i used 1, chop or slice into the batter

Step 7: Mash!

mash it up and make it nice n lumpy, but not too big

Step 8: Yeah.....this Is What It Should Look Like

Step 9: Butter It Up a Little..

low flame, small amount of butter, and get ya spoon ready..........

Step 10: Fryin Tonight.......

To an EGG frypan like this, i used 3 heaped tablespoons of batter mix

Step 11: Stack Em Up!

put onto a warmed plate......(easiest way to warm it run under hot water for 30 seconds and quickly dry)

Step 12: Do What the Picture Says!

or you can add....

Lemon n Sugar....MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Lemon sugar n butter......MMMMMMMmmmmmmm


And please remember its my first destructable!



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    Gave it a try myself and loved it! Thanks for the instructable!

    no baking soda? how does it rise up snd get all of the bubbles to let you know when to flip them?

    1 reply

    you will know! the top dries up a little.....even if they look a little too brown they are still gorgeous..

    ya see when your'e a single guy livin on his owwn and dont have baking soda, ya gotta be creative!

    Very good! It doesn't have to be that coplicated.
    I might make an instructable on "The single man's easy no measure homebaked bread" :-)