Introduction: Single Mans No (real) Measure Banana Pancakes!

Picture of Single Mans No (real) Measure Banana Pancakes!

Banana Pancakes!

Who doesn't like em?

Well...I had never tried them until today....But I decided to.and make an Instructable..

or Destructible....dependin' on how things went..

You will need






a Pan

a Lemon

a pinch of salt

a gas or electric stove, or campfire (never tried them with a Microwave)

a Spoon, a plate

Step 1: Get Crackin'

Picture of Get Crackin'

Crack 2 or 3 eggs into a bowl..see?, its easy! i used 2

Step 2: Flour

Picture of Flour

add 3 to 5 ish, spoons of white flour

Step 3: Pour Some Sugar on

Picture of Pour Some Sugar on

now 1, 2, 3, whatever u like of sugar..remember, the more u use, the MORE it can BURN and caramelise

Step 4: Milk It...for All Its Worth (Like These Corny Titles for Instance)

Picture of Milk It...for All Its Worth (Like These Corny Titles for Instance)

throw in a little juice of cow...that's MILK...skimmed, semi, homogenafratednuclear or whatever! goat, sheep, your eatin it not me..... I used enough to make the batter as thick as decent engine oil....

Step 5: Get at It......

MIX! till no lumps......if like me you got no power tools in your kitchen, get at it, with a fork

Step 6: Steal Some Monkey Food

Picture of Steal Some Monkey Food

take some Monkey food (that's bananas) and i used 1, chop or slice into the batter

Step 7: Mash!

Picture of Mash!

mash it up and make it nice n lumpy, but not too big

Step 8: Yeah.....this Is What It Should Look Like

Picture of Yeah.....this Is What It Should Look Like

Step 9: Butter It Up a Little..

Picture of Butter It Up a Little..

low flame, small amount of butter, and get ya spoon ready..........

Step 10: Fryin Tonight.......

Picture of Fryin Tonight.......

To an EGG frypan like this, i used 3 heaped tablespoons of batter mix

Step 11: Stack Em Up!

Picture of Stack Em Up!

put onto a warmed plate......(easiest way to warm it run under hot water for 30 seconds and quickly dry)

Step 12: Do What the Picture Says!

Picture of Do What the Picture Says!

or you can add....

Lemon n Sugar....MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Lemon sugar n butter......MMMMMMMmmmmmmm


And please remember its my first destructable!


ahauta (author)2014-07-18

Gave it a try myself and loved it! Thanks for the instructable!

Yum! These look delicious and easy to make!

Warning, they are addictive!!

sandystarr28 (author)2014-07-17

no baking soda? how does it rise up snd get all of the bubbles to let you know when to flip them?

you will know! the top dries up a little.....even if they look a little too brown they are still gorgeous..

ya see when your'e a single guy livin on his owwn and dont have baking soda, ya gotta be creative!

kode1303 (author)2014-07-17

Very good! It doesn't have to be that coplicated.
I might make an instructable on "The single man's easy no measure homebaked bread" :-)

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