Step 19: Step 19

Add a hitch to one side
<p>I saw comment a comment here about leaving one knot open for safety but I resolved it by cutting the cord, taking out a bit of the inner cords on one of the cut ends and sticking the other cut end in there and then torching a bit and made it neat. That way if it gets caught somewhere the attached part will give and snap. Sorry if my explanation isn't really clear.</p>
<p>little more difficult than I thought but I did it!!!</p>
<p>Great idea! I would recommend, however, leaving one end of the fisherman's knot open. Paracord has a tensile strength of 550 lbs, unlike the usual break point of a few pounds of a typical necklace. It might be worth considering as a good safety measure in case the paracord necklace gets caught in something.</p>
I've got a lot red paracord-this is going to be a great project to do as gifts for my wife, my daughters and granddaugters!
You can add single cord lanyard knots for a little extra like this too.
<p>greate.</p><p>How do yu create lynyards?</p>
Love this necklace and love the step by step pictures. Just in time for valentines day. I am making these for my pre school class and chose to close with a square knot.
how would u make a bracelet with the heart? Like use a smaller piece of&nbsp;para cord?
hi, i cant visualize where should i bight around and over! could you help me? <br>txs
i did a differnt one but still supper cute
Love the heart! Does anyone know where I could find thin paracord? lets say .5 mm if possible?<br><br>Thanks!
It's not paracord, per se, but most camping stores should have something similar. This 1.8mm tent guyline was the smallest cord I could quickly find at REI. If you have a local store, you should be able to find some much cheaper.
Hi espdp2,<br><br>That's just it, the rope I found at REI was too thick for what I need it (zipper pulls) and when you try to pass it through the eyelets of the zipper pull is almost impossible, any ideas?<br><br>Thanks!
I'm working on making a zipper pull from some 28 ga. hookup wire.
kool, let see the pics!
Well, I use &quot;working&quot; loosely, lol. Guess now I'll have to put up or shut up!
Thats easy identify the length you will need, cut standard 550 cord then strip the inner strands out and pull the ends of the shell tight to shrink the diameter down,,, I do this all the time to get a thinner diameter for feeding through narrow openings on lights radios and other equipment<br>
Sshoemann, you tha man! Thanks<br>
Try a craft store, and look for woven cotton cord or for twisted hemp cord. I have found this to be the thinnest workable cord.<br>Cheers!
Thanks Superninjacamper!
I've used that neon yellow/pink surveying string from Freddy's in the hardware section. Matter of fact before I knew where to buy paracord I bought cordage from there.
Check any crafts shop. It doesnt have to be paracord.
You are so romantic, and your project is the quintessential in romance because it takes 22 steps to finish! A true test of love.<br>To Dutch56 - you're the best!
Awesome photos! And it's so cute. :)
Thanks Jessy
<strong>Very nice, thanks for sharing! </strong>
Thanks and I have to say, after I read your interview it gave me more respect for you and all those that post 'ibles' for us because for a heart knot that takes me a minute (give or take a few secs) to tie it took me almost 3 hrs to put this (my first)together. The next one will be better. Thanks again Storm.<br>
With a little patience you can pull of a string of 'em. Do the center one first and make the loops in steps 3&amp;4 large enough to pull through a completed heart (for each side). You're gonna have to be fairly comfortable with the knot first because you have to leave it slack through the process unlike the sinlge heart where you would tighten as you go along.
Really cool
Nice instructable. cool knot. <br>I have a question though between steps 5 and 6 the pic in 5 shows bight outside of other. but in pic 6 after turning over it goes through bight before forming another in opposite one. which way is right?
Thanks for catching that... it should have read ... &quot; After pulling bight through both sides of the heart,turn over, then repeat &quot;. Tryin to upload and type an instructable and make dinner for a family of 6.<br>Thanks again and sorry for the confusion.<br>

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