Had a new concept to replace my previous trailer with a single wheel fat-tire trailer.
 I figured the single fat tire might float over the sand better than the two smaller wheels, however, mounting two fat tires on a trailer would either make for a very wide trailer (overall) or a very narrow cargo space.
 The single wheel trailer seemed to be the answer.

My brother used to have a single wheeled trailer called a Bob which he took on a bike trip we made from Pittsburgh, PA to Annapolis, MD. It worked really well and was pretty stable.

Step 1: Hub for Fat Tire

I found some mombo slicks after seeing them on a life guard's jet ski trailer and along with some lightweight aluminum ATV wheels, I had the basis for my wheel assembly. You need to get that stuff set up first so you can start your measurements for the hubs.

Start by disassembling a steel front bicycle hub. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just weldable.
I cut the hub body  in half using a pipe cutter.

Next I cut a piece of 1 1/4" EMT (galvanized thin wall electrical conduit) to the proper length for the tire width, to act as a spacer for the hub halves. 
- IMPORTANT - The galvanizing was ground off the ends of the EMT prior to welding)

A wheel mount disc was fabricated from a 1/4" thick steel plate, cut round, with a 1 1/4" hole drilled in the center and (4) 3/8" bolt holes drilled to match the wheel. Since the 1 1/4" EMT is an inside diameter, I had to file out the hole for a snug fit to the EMT.
Using a piece of threaded rod longer than the finished hub width, with several different sized washers, I clamped the halves of the cut hub onto the EMT spacer. With proper washer sizes, the hub self-aligned for later welding. 

Before welding the hub halves to the spacer, however, the wheel mount disc must be welded to the spacer. In my case, the location was offset from center to match my wheel. I aligned the disc on the spacer it using magnetic clamps.

Then the hub halves were clamped to the ends of the spacer with the threaded rod and welded in place.

<p> Beautiful, clean design and build! Well-written Instructable.</p>
<p>You did not update us ;-( Did it work as hoped???</p>
<p>Brilliant! </p>
<p>Brilliant! </p>
<p>Brilliant! </p>
<p>Brilliant! </p>
Dear Marple,<br>If you ever need a surf fishing guide for our 12 mile long Atlantic barrier island beach in Massachusetts, I'm your man.<br><br>I live on Plum Island, Massachusetts, 01951. We have no walk-on fishing access for 8 of our 12 miles of sand. Your bike and trailer would certainly do the trick. Though I don't see myself building one, it sure would be great for chasing down busting fish along the sound.
Thanks for the offer
Fantastic! I'm looking forward to part 2, though I'm wondering why you need the top stay on each side?
I'm bending those over the tire and welding them together as a brace, just over the tire with s little cutting <br><br>
Ah, I like that idea!!<br>

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