Sink Water Spray Joke





Introduction: Sink Water Spray Joke

Suddenly someone turns the sink, and BAM they get sprayed with water

Step 1: Objects

Silver Electrical Tape

Sink with sprayer nozel

Step 2: Putting on the Tape

Put the electrical tape around the nozel so it is squeezed, then wait until some on turns on the sink and laugh your head off!!



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I'd say it's an excellent way to get a well-deserved broken nose.

A- im not blond, B-my kitchen chairs are broken so there's a frame and a seat that are seperate, the seat can be taken out so it's a cushion covering up a hole

it's also fun to take the seat out of a chair(it was kind of broken)

what the chair/seat or the joke? blonde...

My friend's boy did this trick to him last year using a rubber band. Then Dad took the boy to the sink to give him a dose of his own medicine, and boy struggled so much to get away he hit his head. Pranks don't always work the way you planned. Still, a good old old old old prank but not a instructable.

isn't that the way it always works, the prankie tries to get even and someone gets hurt. Not the Pranks fault, it's revenge that is the culpret.

and after you do that...put saran wrap (clingfilm for all you non americans) on the toilet bowls and wait for someone to have to "sit down"

Know whats weird? It says you posted this -24 min ago. "oldest one in da book. probably do it 5-10 times a year only with norml tap ... from zjharva-24 minutes ago"

when a comment forum or instutable is posted it somehow gives it -30 mins because of the time differences urs was posted at 8:35 and his at 8:59 i think thats how instructables deals with time differences