Sippy Cup on the Go





Introduction: Sippy Cup on the Go

When you find yourself out and about with small children and no sippy cup, you can convert any store-bought drink bottle into a straw cup that won't spill. Poke a hole in the lid and stick a straw through. That's all there is to it.

Step 1: Find a Bottled Beverage

My girls are fond of chocolate milk. I usually perform this trick at fast food outlets to the delight of nearby parents.

Step 2: Poke a Hole in the Top

You could use a pocket knife for this, but I don't usually carry a knife. Instead I use a house key to get the hole started.

Step 3: Bore Out the Hole With a Large Key

After I have a small hole started with a house key, I bore out the hole with my larger Honda key until it is big enough for a straw.

Step 4: Insert a Straw in the Hole

Step 5: Let the Munchkins Drink

My oldest daughter, Zoe, is demonstrating the proper method for drinking from a straw. Ava is demonstrating that the bottle won't spill when inverted.



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    One of those hole punches for leather seem like a good thing use.

    You just solved a problem I've had since I was a little one! Why this has never occurred to me I'll never know. I do think I'll take the lid off before I bore a hole though and then put it back on just in case. Thanks for the idea!!!

    doesn't boring out the hole drop little bits of plastic down into the drink?

    2 replies

    It's all food grade material.

    Just because it's food grade material doesn't make it FOOD! Mayby try taking the cover off first. might protect the little ones.

    it's a lot cuter when they have to hold it with two hands. You should get an extra large container for the older one to hold.

    Cute kids!

    Well turn it upside_down and see if water falls out.

    I use my pocket knife to cut an X in the lid. Works pretty good.. getting the right size X is kind of important. Too small and you'll get the straw through .. but it'll be crushed. Too big and you might as well just pull the top off. Probably doesnt work with small soda style caps..

    if you are concerned about this, remove the lid while boring the hole, then replace it.