Sir Corvus' Luminiferous Aether Device





Introduction: Sir Corvus' Luminiferous Aether Device

Sir Corvus' Luminiferous Aether Device (aka my steampunk terrarium). The steam is generated by a water atomizer with LEDs that was from an old Walmart lamp. The crystal has an LED under it that I removed from a cheap night light. The tree is an old dead bonsai (a live one would work but I liked it dead) that I wrapped in copper wire. I thought about putting glowstick fluid in the test tube, but I would have to change it all the time, so I opted to fill it with water and blue food coloring. The base is actually a pie pan and a popcorn tin that I glued together and covered in brass sheet. The rest was created from sheet brass, copper wire and found parts.



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    That looks really good - have you any photos of the Make in process?

    I wish I did I din't know about Instructables when I made it so I just have the photos of the finished product. I will post others with more step by step instructions.

    Looking forward to them!

    Posted a few more projects. They are costume parts though.