Sir Corvus' Plasma Pistol is my Nerf Vigilon Mod. I went with the Vigilon over the Maverick for many reasons. I liked the disks and its silhouette better, but mostly to make it stand out more. First step is to break the gun apart without losing any of the screws. Then I spray painted both the gun and a few of the bits I would add later. I would like to note here that I used no base coat, but if I do it again I will spray a base black coat first. I wanted it to be two tone so I went with a hammered gunmetal and a gold with some shine to it. Next I reassembled the gun and made sure it still fired. The next was adding the decorative sculpting. I used air hardening modeling clay to sculpt the shell on the top, the wings and the name sash on the front. After it dried I sprayed it gold. The doodads attached to the side include watch insides, model battleship parts, and copper wire. The grip is made from leather that I cut to size and glued to the gun. Then I wrapped the handle with some brass wire that went into holes I drilled. The final step was to make a black wash that I rubbed the gun with to give it a used appearance, and added a little rust to the steel portion.

Sorry have not been on in a while. Thank you. I used air hardening clay. I can't remember the company name. I agree about sanding the logo, but time was pressed on this one.
dam that is flipping epic man
This looks awesome! What kind of clay do you use?
I'd suggest next time removing the vortex logo on the bottom, when I did mine I used a marker and sand paper to get it off.

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