With this simple prank, you can make a friend's Siri call him/her something funny!

Step 1: Open ("Summon") Siri

Hold down the home button for a few seconds.

Step 2: Ask for the Name Change

Tap the microphone button and say "Call me [funny name]"

Replace [funny name] with something funny, such as "cheese face". Tap Yes on the confirmation.

Step 3: The Result

Siri will call your friend the funny name! If you are the victim of this prank, you can undo it by saying "call me [your name]."
<p>I've done this before, never gets old!!!! :)</p>
It works best on iPhone 5 or newer.
<p>it wouldn't work for me</p>
<p>Ha! So simple, but funny.</p>
<p>Definately </p>
<p>What a great harmless prank! I can't wait to pull this on my Iphone friends. Thanks for sharing!</p>

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