Picture of SirronTM's NES Controller MP3 Player
Images of NES controller mp3 player project.
atakan_19074 years ago
Good job. Very innovative :)
Nice idea except i always get crappy mp3s that dont have a d-pad like that is there some way to wire it to make it work with a nes controller (a and b buttons also) .
SirronTM (author)  MajorRockstar75 years ago
That really depends on the mp3 player. If yours is a crappy Chinese S1 mp3 player (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S1_MP3_player) then you can still use that. In fact, that's what most people use for this mod because they're so commonly available.

I suggest you search around for NES Mp3 players, and definitely look at:


which is a full Instructable rather than just a slideshow like mine. I didn't follow it, in fact I started mine long before it was written, then I got distracted and didn't complete it until much later.
sanguyen6 years ago
Were did you get the circuit board for the MP3 player and how much did it cost? What's Scragg?
SirronTM (author)  sanguyen6 years ago
It was a cheap chinese MP3 player with no screen, like this. Scragg is a person.
Hmmm...okay. Thanks!