Picture of RGB LED moodlamp (sitting dog lamp)
"What gift my girlfriend would like to get for her birthday?". This was the main question for several weeks. But then I thought: hmm...what could be more cozy then warm lamp lihgt in late autumn evenings?
That was just an idea but I still needed a design. After spending few hours on the internet I have found really cool lamp - sitting dog lamp. I was really impressed by that simple but very nice design, so I decided to make it. Just one difference: mine had to be RGB mood lamp.

And finally, here is the video!

Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
Before starting any work you need to do a list what you will need. Of course it's almost impossible to write down everything, but most of tools and materials can be easily predicted.

I have made a list where I wrote what you will or might need while making this lamp. You will find it in pdf file.
merlusse1 year ago
Did it as a christmas gift. I'm not very pleased with the cone shape and didn't had enough time to make a collar but my mum is loves it !
Also I didn't do a rgb led lamp, just a regular lamp.
First time I made something from instructables, thank you for the idea!
DOT. (author)  merlusse1 year ago
Wow! That's nice! Your dog is really nice and that wire looks like a dogs tail. It looks nice even as a regular lamp
I'm a bit new to circuitry, do you have a schematic of how it is soldered together?
DOT. (author)  AmateurHour1 year ago
Electronics isn't mine, But in this instructable you will find everything you need:
Thanks to this guy!
GarthBock1 year ago
Excellent job !!!! When I saw your inst. I immediately thought about the Pixar movie Up ! with Doug the dog saying...."oh master...it is ..the ..cone of shame...."
DOT. (author)  GarthBock1 year ago
Thanks! Haha, that is really funny :D
Gregbot1 year ago
awesome! Thank You!
DOT. (author)  Gregbot1 year ago
Thank you!
kenbob1 year ago
This is great, may have to make one of these for my daughter.
DOT. (author)  kenbob1 year ago
Thank you! I think she will like it
samalert1 year ago
What font is used in the main picture "Sitting Dog Lamp" It would be nice if you post some videos for lamp in action
DOT. (author)  samalert1 year ago
It is RNS Camelia font. I will upload video how it works as soon as I could
ecmscm1 year ago
Great post, fagnific, thanks a lot, we tray to create.
Diagnosis multimarca
DOT. (author)  ecmscm1 year ago
Thank you!I hope my instructable will help you
M3G1 year ago
Haha awesome.
DOT. (author)  M3G1 year ago
Thanks! It's really nice you like it
Looks like you neutered nipper the rca dog and he has to wear an e collar